Known to many as simply “the city on the lake,” the savvier citizens of Licentia recognize this place as a noteworthy tourist trap. Built on a man-made island in Lazuli Lake, Audola is certainly beautiful, but most of the features of the island are novelties and tourist attractions — museums, novelty hotels that offer up rooms below the waters of the lake, and more compose most of the city. This is partially because the high cost of living on the island forcing those who take up residence on it into the tourism business.


  • Tourism: Audola is a tourist city, and so there’s endless tourist traps, novelty shops, and overpriced ‘underwater’ hotels to visit.
  • Hostel d’Arme: Notable for being outside of Audola proper near the bridge leading to the man-made island, and thus likely not a tourist trap, the Hostel d’Arme is a hotel and restaurant, as well as a training grounds for both Pokémon and martially inclined trainers.
  • Chateau Sommet: A lavish chateau on the shores of Lazuli Lake, some ways away from Audola, but close enough to be seen from the city. The extensive grounds are a Pokémon preserve, with rare specimen being brought in from all across the world. However, gaining access to the gardens is quite difficult, requiring at least having attained the Crown Badge, available from the chateau’s very owner.
  • Fishing: Audola, situated on Lazuli Lake, has a rich diversity of wild freshwater Pokémon, and boats are available to be rented or chartered at too-high prices to venture into deeper waters, as the waters close to Audola have been emptied of Pokémon, either from overfishing or the runoff from Audola.
  • King Callum’s House of Bones: This year-round spooky funhouse draws many travelers, either those seeking cheap thrills, or those seeking the Spooky Badge from King Cal’s gym at the end of the funhouse!


Three decades ago, a man with a vision came to the shores of Lazuli Lake and saw the poverty among the fishermen there. He chartered a boat to visit the small island in the center of the lake. Two months later, he returned with a city charter and a construction company. Within two years, the lake town of Audola was finished and the first few tourist areas were opened, giving rise to a thriving industry. Little has changed in the years since, though the man-made island has been expanded several times.


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