Excelsior Organization

The Excelsior Organization is a major philanthropic organization in Licentia, with works such as their University in Magnegravium, the ubiquitous Pokémon Centers across Licentia, and the Licentian Pokémon League.


The Excelsior Organization was ‘founded’ by the founder of Licentia him- or herself, so says Excelsior. In reality, the organization cropped up around a century and a half ago, claiming to be founded for the benefit of the common man, and they seemed to mean it. Licentia would not be the region it is now without them.

Notable Members and Membership

Membership in the Excelsior Organization is difficult to attain, and the exact mechanism or requirements for joining are unknown. It seems that a good deal of their members are recruited from within their University.

  • Caius Chronoss: the public face of the Excelsior Organization and the president of its University.
  • Professor Mimosa: Prof. Mimosa is a known member of the organization, as well as a graduate of their University.

Excelsior Organization

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