Licentia Region

The region of Licentia is an ancient one, former home of a sprawling, powerful civilization, current home of advanced science, unresolved mysteries, and numerous Pokémon!

Cities of Licentia

Licentia has ten cities that could be called major, either due to their size or their importance to the health of Licentia.

  • Audola: the tourist trap on the lake, Audola is avoided by locals but swarmed by people from other regions and further away in Licentia.
  • Boatswain’s Beach: home to a plethora of theme parks, this city boasts a beautiful underwater coral reef formed around large multicolored crystals.
  • Magnegravium: this flying city hovers thousands of feet above the Magnetic Ocean‘s beach, where a massive lift takes passengers up or down twice daily. Magnegravium is home to both of Licentia’s major universities, and many other places of learning, as well as the local Pokémon Professor, Professor Mimosa’s lab.
  • Many Crossroads: calling Many Crossroads a city is a bit of a stretch, buts its importance can hardly be denied. Located in almost the exact center of all land travel in Licentia, it isn’t hard to see where this town’s name comes from.
  • Mare Maris: this technological wonder is buried deep under the Tanzaan Ocean’s waves. The protective dome covering the city is monitored constantly, and the town itself is almost entirely mechanized, with robots having replaced almost all non-research residents.
  • Mobius: this city is the heart of Licentia, according to some trumped-up Mobians. Mobius is the heart of air travel for most of the world, however, and is a great place to shop.
  • Pristine Port: this grungy shipping port is home to a handful of criminal gangs the Regional Police haven’t been able to stamp out, as well as a growing teenage punk movement. Despite the growing unrest and underworld activity, almost all overseas trade comes in through the well-positioned port, even if that’s fact you won’t find in most guidebooks.
  • Spestrat: this rustic town is in a similar boat to Many Crossroads. While it may be small, its impact on Licentia is rather huge. This town is the agricultural heart of Licentia, with huge herds of livestock and equally massive fields of grain and other necessities. It also has the only public ferry to Libertas Isle, making it a popular destination for trainers looking for an exotic ancient Pokémon to add to their team.
  • Stratford: Stratford is the artistic heart of Licentia, with almost all manner of art and spectacle finding their home here, from grand orchestras to talented but penniless street buskers. The rivalry between Mobius and Stratford is strong, and is often taken into Pokémon battles.
  • Valengrad: this mining town is nestled deep within the Frostblast Mountains in north western Licentia, and produces much of the iron ore that gives Licentia its wealth. It is also by far the coldest city in Licentia, and is also home to a great deal of skiing and trainer tourism, due to its proximity to the Frostblast, and also its passes to the northern tundra.

The Wilds of Licentia

  • Barathrum Desert: Deserts are cruel, unforgiving lands, and the Barathrum Desert is no exception. Although many Pokemon find shelter in the area, humans wouldn’t be as lucky, with no water sources within miles and very few places to get away from the beaming sun.
  • Colorbid Stream: The Colubrid Stream’s head is located a few hundred feet up in the Frostblast Summit, though not quite high enough for the water to freeze, and the mouth of the river lets out into the ocean after traveling through the Timelost Tropic. Because of the very different locations of the mouth and head, the river starts cold and becomes warmer as it nears the ocean.
  • Crudus Acutsu: The Crudus Acutsu are wide-stretching plains that many types of Pokemon use as their home. While it’s mostly a flat stretch of land, there are also small hills and clumps of shorter trees.
  • Doldrum Bridges: Situated on the coast of the Magnetic Ocean, the Doldrum Bridges are large, naturally eroded landmasses that arc far out into the sea. However, Trainers should caution themselves around the area as myths of disappearing planes and ships are abound; and the thick fog that rolls in at nightfall doesn’t help to dispel the rumors.
  • Frostblast Summit: One of the most obvious locations in Licentia, the Frostblast Summit is range of snow covered mountains. The area is mostly sparse of plant life, though there are a good many species of Pokemon that inhabit it.
  • Genesis Woods: The forests of Licentia are ordinarily fairly peaceful, with much Pokemon life to be found within. The forests are overlooked by a large hill that was famously crested by the founder of Licentia.
  • Hade System: The Hade Tunnel System is a system of different tunnels that run under the ground of Licentia. They are home to many types of Pokemon.
  • Hesson Cleft: The Hesson Cleft is a vast canyon stretching across a decent portion of Licentia. Its reddish hue is how it got its name, taken from the rust-colored variety of garnet. It is populated by many nocturnal Pokemon, as well as those who prefer the more dank environs. It connects to the Hade Tunnel System in places, which isn’t too surprising, seeing as how far they both stretch.
  • Lazuli Lake: An expansive lake on the continent of Licentia. It is well-known for its variety of freshwater Pokemon and their especial abundance in the lake. It is well-known as a great place to fish up a variety of water Pokemon, or to simply enjoy a relaxing day on one of the islands in the lake.
  • Libertas Isle: Developed by the Ecosight Protection Agency, Libertas Isle is a wildlife preservation park used to house revived ancient Pokemon. It’s also likely to find more fossils, which can be revived at a facility on the island.
  • Magnetic Ocean: A specific shore on a specific corner of Licentia has a strange magnetic field just off shore. Many electric and steel Pokemon find themselves drawn to the electric charge, which has led top scientists to study it in-depth. However, the name has come to refer to all of the southern oceans of Licentia.
  • Marais de Tourmaline: A brilliant bluish-green expanse, the Marais de Tourmaline is a relaxing place to go for a boat ride (apart from all the venomous and man-eating Pokemon that hide in the rushes). It certainly is verdant enough, boasting one of the widest arrays of foliage in all of Licentia. It also has the widest variety of dangerous beasties, even putting the desert to shame.
  • Mount Silentium: Linked to the Hade Tunnel System, this dormant volcano sleeps silently, patiently waiting for the moment it once again becomes active. The area is scarcely visited by anyone but the most intrepid of adventurers.
  • Morocc: Before the founders of Licentia discovered it, a civilization thrived in the area in ancient times. All that’s left of it now are stone buildings and dwindling other signs of ancient life.
  • Niveus Tundra: Much like the Barathrum Desert, the Niveus Tundra is home to a large population of Pokemon. Unlike the desert, the tundra isn’t nearly as deadly, though it is still hard to traverse.
  • Tanzaan Ocean: Brilliant waves crest over the vast body of water known as the Tanzaan Ocean, casting a blue-green pall over the fine sands beneath. Quite a picture-perfect destination, these waters are known for their sprawling reefs, exotic wildlife, and hauntingly beautiful shipwrecks. Some more peculiar varieties of Pokemon have been known to be found here, including Corsola of a variety of shades and bioluminescent beasts.
  • Timelost Tropic: The Timelost Tropic is the largest and, indeed, the only rain forest in Licentia. The area is highly populated with Pokemon of many types, making it highly likely to be home to whatever someone could want. The Colubrid Stream runs through the tropic, splitting it into almost perfect halves.
  • Whitebank Crossing: A dour region of Licentia that has seen little in the way of travelers for decades. It is a place of fog and decay, sporting petrified forests and rivers of tar. Many myths surround Whitebank Crossing, but only fools venture forth to investigate them.

Licentia Region

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