Duality Badge

The Duality Badge is an official League badge available in Licentia. Its Gym is located in Stratford, and its gym leader’s emphasis is on Pokémon who come in pairs. The gym itself is unremarkable, a medium-sized boxing ring with ropes to help rebound Pokémon back into the ring, but there is a hidden device boosts the power of support moves, but seems to block the effects of Mega Evolution. The battles that take place in his Gym are also, of course, Double Battles.

Accredited Trainers:

Gym Leader: Thomas, the Dangerously Dynamic Duo User

A retired Pokemaniac, Thomas has always been a big fan of Pokemon that came in pairs due to both their novelty value and the innate ability to work together that they so often possess. His obsession began when he was saved from a rampaging Bouffalant by a Plusle and Minun that combined their electric power to dispatch the aggressor, saving Thomas’ life. Despite his quirk of only using paired Pokemon, Thomas is a very down to earth man with a wife and two children who often sit on the sidelines and watch him take on challengers.

Fighting Style

Thomas makes full use of his Pokemon’s natural ability to work together. He will assault challengers with a barrage of combination attacks, and when on the defensive, he will have his Pokemon cover for each other and use supportive moves when necessary. One of his favourite moves is Helping Hand, which he uses frequently to have one Pokemon power up its partner’s attack. He is perhaps one of the more balanced gym leaders in the Licentia League simply because he does not focus on just offense or defense, instead balancing his use of both.

Field Gimmick

In Thomas’ garage, the effects of support moves (Helping Hand, Healing Pulse, etc.) are boosted greatly, encouraging the use of teamwork. The battlefield is inside a medium-sized boxing ring, so Pokemon that are sent flying backwards will most likely rebound off of the ropes at the edge. Curiously, Thomas’ garage blocks Mega Evolution, although whenever he is asked how this feat has been accomplished, he refuses to answer.


  • Pluse + Minun – Ever since Plusle and Minun saved him from an angry Bouffalant, Thomas has treated the pair like family. The trio have done a lot of training together, so be prepared to battle the electrifying duo!
  • Sawk + Throh
  • Solrock + Lunatone
  • Illumise + Volbeat
  • Huntail + Gorebyss
  • Meowstick♂ + Meowstick♀

Duality Badge

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