Licentia Pokémon League

The Licentian Pokémon League is the Licentian branch of the inter-region Pokémon battling organization, whose local branch was founded and funded by the Excelsior Organization.

The Licentia League is divided into three general Tiers, numbered One, Two, and Three. Tier One accepts challengers with up to four Badges, Tier Two, trainers with four to seven, and Bracket Three, only trainers who have received seven badges from elsewhere in the region are eligible. However, Gym Leader may allow a challenger of other tiers, but it is a rare occurrence.

Tier One Badges

  • Canine Badge: This badge is often one of the first earned by starting trainers. The gym leader specializes in dog Pokemon for their active natures and their loyalty.
  • Cannon Badge: This gym leader fancies himself a ghost pirate! She focuses on Pokémon themed after old sea shanties, the sea, and the ghosts thereof, and her Gym is a large ship which sails near the Doldrum Bridges.
  • Evolution Badge: This brother/sister duo deals exclusively in split evolutions, especially Eevee’s! Challengers are randomly grouped into pairs with strangers, and must challenge the gym leaders together- if either fails, both do!
  • Serpentine Badge: This Gym Leader is a renowned trickster who uses many snake-like Pokemon, as well as some Pokemon that are known for their sneaky or unpredictable nature.
  • Spooky Badge: This gym leader is a playful trickster, and her Gym reflects this fact. Getting to the Leader is a trial of jump scares, animatronic Pokémon, and illusions.

Tier Two Badges

  • Agile Badge: This gym leader is all about agility. She demands that her Pokemon move as quickly as she does, and as such, has designed her gym to fit this.
  • Bones Badge: This gym leader is the lead researcher at Libertas Isle and fights exclusively with the ancient Pokémon found there.
  • Chivalry Badge: This gym leader’s emphasis is on all-or-nothing, high-stakes one-on-one Pokémon duels. She and her Pokémon’s courtly manners have made them a popular celebrity in Licentia, and she is found hosting balls more than Pokémon battles.
  • Duality Badge: This gym leader only uses Pokemon that have counterparts, and prefers dynamic double battles above all else.
  • Perfection Badge: This gym leader claims that his Pokémon are all perfect. His choices of Pokémon say otherwise, and he most certainly doesn’t have an ego issue about it. Absolutely not.
  • Secrets Badge: This gym leader is a former InterPol agent, and uses his or her extensive disguise expertise to create an interesting gym challenge in the vein of a murder mystery. They give you clues, but you have to piece them together to figure out who to challenge!
  • Tactics Badge: This gym leader does not rely on her Pokemon’s power as a crutch, instead using it as a tool to employ her own strategies. She holds great respect for trainers who do the same, using tactics and smarts to win a battle rather than relying on strong attacks.

Tier Three Badges

  • Crown Badge: This gym leader claims descent from ancient royalty, and uses Pokémon that she thinks share her nobility. Her chateau on Lazuli Lake pulls double-duty as a Pokémon Gym and a popular tourist attraction near Audola.
  • Mythos Badge: This gym leader is shrouded in myth – all that is known for sure is that he is extremely powerful. No known trainer has been bestowed the Mythos Badge, and there has been talk within the League of removing the Mythos Badge from the challenge.
  • Pride Badge: This gym leader is a powerful Dragon-type trainer, who believes in the majesty of all Pokémon. His focus is on confidence, believing the most important thing is to believe in your Pokémon above all else.
  • Superiority Badge: This gym leader boasts powerful Pokemon, and refuses to use anything that he doesn’t determine to be exceedingly strong. His gym encourages attacks to hit hard and he capitalizes on this with his powerful Pokemon.

Licentia Pokémon League

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