Perfection Badge

The Perfection Badge is an official League badge available in Licentia, whose Gym is located in the Licentian Underground, in a large training complex. The closest entrance is near Many Crossroads, but the journey there is a struggle too great for many beginning trainers. Additionally, the Gym only accepts challengers who have at least five badges already.

Accredited Trainers:

Gym Leader: Joseph Smith, the Relentless Perfectionist

Joseph is a man from Many Crossroads who believes absolutely in the power of his Pokémon. He lives, eats, sleeps, and trains with his entourage of Pokémon, pushing them to be perfect specimens of their species. He’s not well like among other Gym Leaders both for his arrogance and for his occasional poor treatment of underperforming Pokémon.

Fighting Style

Joseph brings his all to every fight, and, in his own words, “you’d better do the same!” Otherwise, he’s not exceptionally tactical, relying on his Pokémon’s innate perfection to get the job done.

Field Gimmick

Such things can only detract from perfection. Joseph’s field is a clear grey, well-lit concrete area with absolutely no special mechanics… Save, well, one. The stone his Gym is carved out of naturally resonates with Mega Evolution energy, meaning Mega Rings don’t have to work as hard… Meaning they can link up to a total of six Pokémon at once.


  • Raticate – Joseph’s intense breeding regimen of Rattata leaves his by far the strongest Rattata in the Region. Expect to see at least one Raticate. Maybe six.
  • Furret
  • Linoone
  • Bibarel
  • Diggersby
  • Ditto
  • Dunsparce
  • Delcatty
  • Lopunny
  • Lickilicky

Perfection Badge

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