Superiority Badge

The Superiority Badge is an official League badge available in Licentia. It is available from a small camp containing nothing but the Gym Leader’s home and the Gym, far to the North, in the Niveus Tundra. The Gym only accepts Trainers with seven badges, meaning if they visit him at all, Duke will be a trainer’s last stop.

Accredited Trainers:

Gym Leader: Duke, the Withered Strength

Duke is an elderly man who, in his prime, was an exceptionally skilled Pokemon trainer who traveled the world in search of challenge. However, since becoming crippled by age and losing his wife Maureen to a fatal disease, he is now extremely bitter and a shell of his former self – he forces his Pokemon to become as strong as can be in order to make up for his own weakness, and he heckles and demeans those who come to earn his gym badge.

Due to how he shuns other gym leaders who come to see him and even his own family, some have become accustomed to referring to him as ‘Old Man Hermit’. Nobody particularly knows what his interests are, although he spends most of his spare time training his Pokemon in the endless white expanse of the Niveus Tundra.

Fighting Style

Duke makes frequent use of high-power, high-cost moves. Examples include moves with recoil such as Double-Edge, and moves that take time to charge or have a cooldown period afterwards, such as Focus Blast and Hyper Beam. Because of this preference, he does not put much emphasis on mobility. If he is forced to go on the defensive, he will not hesitate to abuse moves such as Protect and Detect, and in worst case scenarios, Duke is known to try and use his ailing Pokemon’s remaining energy to try and take the foe out with them so he is not at a complete loss.

Field Gimmick

The field in Duke’s gym is largely standard in regards to terrain, with the notable difference being that a strange aura pulses from metal devices on the walls, strengthening Pokemon’s physical power but weakening their defensive capabilities in order to make defensive strategies less viable and to force people to go on the offensive where Duke’s team shines most. Pokemon focusing on durability are at a disadvantage in Duke’s gym.


  • Machamp- Duke’s starter Pokemon was a Machop, and even in his old-aged bitterness, he shows genuine care for his lifelong partner. In return, Machamp shows Duke unquestioning and unfailing loyalty. The two of them are a powerful duo, and it is extremely likely that this Pokemon will be used in battle.
  • Gurrdurr
  • Garchomp
  • Salamance
  • Rampardos
  • Doublade
  • Gyrados
  • Aggron
  • Tyrantrum
  • Archeops

Superiority Badge

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