Tactics Badge

The Tactics Badge is an official League badge available in Licentia, whose Gym is located in the city of Mobius, down the street from the base of the Hand of the New Age. The Mobius Gym’s theme is tactical thinking and maneuvering, with a Weather Machine that changes the weather and terrain of the Gym at random intervals.

Accredited Trainers:

Gym Leader: Avelyn, the 200 IQ Tactical Mastermind

Avelyn is your stereotypical nerd, often found rambling about her latest battle strategies. As per the ‘nerd’ stereotype, she is also a technological buff, having developed her gym’s Weather Machine from scratch for her gym battles. Her catchphrase is ‘checkmate’, which she tends to announce whenever she hits a foe with a decisive attack or executes a plan perfectly. Avelyn loves all types of Pokemon battles, and eagerly agrees to whatever type of battle she is challenged to so she can test out whatever tactic she just cooked up.

She can often be found tinkering with some machine when she’s not battling or working on battle plans, but she is also a big fan of theatre, and so can sometimes be spotted watching various performances in Stratford. Avelyn trains a great many Pokemon, so be prepared for a tough and very varied battle.

Fighting Style

Unlike the stereotypical nerd, Avelyn is just as good at executing her plans as she is at cooking them up. She frequently uses powerful combination attacks and makes every effort to exploit weather effects to their fullest. Indeed, almost all of her Pokemon have been trained to use abilities that make full advantage of the weather, such as Swift Swim and Snow Cloak. Similarly, Avelyn has a fondness for stat-boosting moves such as Double Team, which compliment her Pokemon’s innate affinity for weather conditions.

Field Gimmick

Her field has an erratic weather machine. Every d3 rounds, the weather must change – an OoC coinflip decides which trainer gets to control the machine that round, but it must change. The weather is by default clear, and clear weather is an option on the machine. Not only this, but when the weather changes, the field type changes to a suitable landscape:

Clear: The field is made up of solid dirt. Rocks are scattered around the area, but otherwise, the field is plain and gives no Pokemon a notable advantage.

Sunny: The field resembles a rolling grassland, with multiple small trees dotted around the landscape. A small, steep hill is in the center of the battlefield.

Rainy: The field resembles a marshland, with shallow rivers, puddles and muddy ground. Pokemon may find themselves having a hard time moving around, or sinking into the mud if they stay still for too long.

Snowing: The field resembles a snow-covered plain, with multiple rocks scattered around the field. Various small holes are concealed under the blanket of snow, which a Pokemon may stumble into or trip up on if they are unlucky.

Sandstorm: The field resembles a desert and the ground is composed of shifting sand. Similar to the marshlands, Pokemon may find it hard to move unless they are accustomed to the environment. In addition, the center of the field is composed of quicksand, which may pull a Pokemon in and trap them if they are caught in it.


  • Castform – Castform, due to its ability to change type and appearance in different weather conditions, compliments Avelyn’s battle style perfectly. It is extremely likely that Avelyn will use this Pokemon!
  • Goomy/Sliggo/Goodra
  • Electabuzz/Electrivire
  • Magmar/Magmortar
  • Cacnea/Cacturne
  • Staryu/Starmie
  • Sandshrew/Sandslash
  • Psyduck/Golduck
  • Cubachoo/Beartic
  • Snorunt/Froslass
  • Tropius

Tactics Badge

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