Canine Badge

The Canine Badge is an official League badge available in Licentia, and is often the first badge many aspiring Licentian trainers strive to attain. The Gym Leader, Hunter, is something of an easy fight, and the Gym’s location in central Licentia, in Many Crossroads, means it is easily accessible to everyone.

Accredited Trainers

Gym Leader: Hunter, the Pack Alpha

Hunter physically resembles the Pokemon he so loves to train – he wears a fuzzy collared jacket with raggedy, torn jeans, and always goes barefoot. His hair is a scraggy blonde mess, and he is perpetually covered in bruises and scratches from the training he goes through with his canine companions daily. Little is known about Hunter’s past, but he comes across as so dog-like that some say he was raised by dogs – a claim he has certainly never denied.

He carries with him an air of confidence and takes on all challengers with gusto to protect his pride, however, underneath this confident exterior is an explosive man who refuses to suffer the humiliation of defeat in front of his pack. It is partly due to his loyalty towards his Pokemon that he is quite the loner, with no real human friends to speak of, despite multiple attempts from his fellow gym leaders to get to know him. A true alpha, he will stop at nothing to lead his pack to victory.

Fighting Style

In an attempt to display dominance over challengers, Hunter fights aggressively from the get-go, forsaking defensive maneuvers for a brutal onslaught. Whilst most trainers would reassess such a strategy upon losing Pokemon, Hunter’s instead gets more fired up, getting more and more reckless as the battle rages on. When his Pokemon become severely injured, he will have them dig underground to find the items beneath the soil – specifically, he will look for items such as Oran and Sitrus Berries, which will bestow renewed strength upon his loyal companions.

Field Gimmick

The interior of Hunter’s gym resembles a large kennel, sporting numerous cages on the rear wall that contain an assortment of canine Pokémon. Two boxes outlined in chalk are traced on the arena, indicating where the challenger and leader are to position themselves. The ground of his field is made of loose dirt, and hidden in the ground are power-enhancing consumables, such as various berries and X-items. It takes one turn of not attacking to get an item from under the field, and can only be done if your Pokemon can dig reasonably well. They can also find one sometimes while using Dig or any other unearthing move. In addition, strong impacts – such as a Pokemon plummeting to the ground as the result of a Seismic Toss – may unearth items that were very close to the surface.


As with all Licentian gym leaders, Hunter has a large stable of Pokémon that he can pull from, allowing him to tailor his team to the level of his challenger.

  • Lillipup/Herdier/Stoutland- These Pokémon are Hunter’s iconic Pokémon. No matter the level of the challenger, one of the three is likely to show up during a fight.
  • Growlithe/Arcanine
  • Poochyena/Mightyena
  • Houndour/Houndoom
  • Snubull/Granbull
  • Electrike/Manetric
  • Absol
  • Furfrou

Canine Badge

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