Evolution Badge

The Evolution Badge is an official League badge available in Licentia. It’s granted by Professor Mimosa’s assistants, twins Koda and Cado. In their gym, all challengers are matched up with a random other challenger, and the duo has to challenge the gym together! Several simple puzzle encourage cooperation, and then the former strangers have to battle the twins.

Accredited Trainers

Gym Leader: Koda and Cado, the Dynamic Duo

The twins are of middling height, with green hair and hazel eyes. Cado, the male, is almost always seen with bandages on his arms, face, or exposed legs. The woman, Koda, is normally seen with green nailpolish horribly contrasting with the twins’ matching outfit.

They have an air of outdoorsy, go-getting trainers with an air of playfulness and confidence. They, in direct contract to Professor Mimosa, are friendly and personable- to the extent that their entire gym challenge is built around making two strangers work together.

Fighting Style

Koda and Cado have been fighting together more or less their entire lives. They set up each other’s combos without a visible signal passing between them, and many challengers find it less disconcerting to just pretend they’re simply fighting one trainer with twice the Pokémon. They use only split evolution Pokémon, such as Eeveelutions, Male and Female Meowstic, or Clamperl.

Field Gimmick

(Gimmick TBD, likely nothing)


As with all Licentian gym leaders, Kado and Cado have a large stable of Pokémon that they can pull from, allowing them to tailor their teams to the level of his challenger. They’re a little bit different from other gyms in that they each get a full complement of Pokémon, though as do the two challengers. Also unusual, due to the Professor’s experiments into evolution, several of Kado and Cado’s Pokémon have evolved much earlier than they would for others, but they are weaker to compensate.

  • Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon/Espeon/Umbreon/Leafeon/Glaceon/Sylveon/Griffeon/Wispeon- The OG split evolution. The Twins typically use at least one Eeveelution each, though often two or three in larger battles.
  • Vileplume/Bellosom
  • Meowstic(M)/Meowstic(F)
  • Poliwrath/Politoed
  • Slowbro/Slowking
  • Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan/Hitmontop
  • Beautiful/Dustox
  • Glalie/Froslass
  • Huntail/Gorebyss
  • Wormadam (all types)/Mothim
  • Shedinja/Ninjask

Evolution Badge

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