The center of science and learning in Licentia, Magnegravium is a grand city located on a chunk of land suspended thousands of feet in the air by magnetic properties. Full of various educational establishments, the city is open to all through the use of aerial ferries that can be accessed from the ground beneath Magnegravium.


  • Higher Learning: the Higher Learning district is home to the two foremost universities of Licentia, Dacien University and the Excelsior Organization University.
  • Magnegravi-Emporium: this large open-air market is perched on a narrow outcropping of the city, and is home to a huge number of wannabe inventors pedaling their latest creations. A known stomping ground of both Dacien and Excelsior recruiters, should the inventor be up to snuff.
  • Excelsior Organization: In addition to being a large university, the Excelsior Organization draws its roots from the founder of Licentia, and seeks to help bring about the jolly cooperation of all humans and Pokémon. Their charity has helped found the network of Pokécenters in Licentia, in addition to the creation of the Licentian League.
  • Professor Mimosa‘s Lab: Mimosa doesn’t really do the whole “starting trainer” thing, instead preferring to leave that up to others. Mimosa instead focuses on advanced research into Pokémon augmentation, breeding, and advanced training methods, likely making her technically the Trainer with the strongest Pokémon in the region.
  • Gym: Both the Evolution Badge and the Agile Badge are available in Magnegravium.


Around a hundred years ago, a large chunk of rock near the Magentic Ocean began mysteriously floating, having broken free of the land below. At first, it was only a few feet, but over the years, it has steadily risen to its current height of about 3000ft.

Soon after its ascension, the fledgling Excelsior Organization founded a research base, which would eventually become their University, to study the phenomenon. Soon, all sorts of sightseers and scientists flocked to the mysterious floating island, and the ferry system had to be founded, opening the floodgates for settlement.


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