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Welcome to Licentia!

The scenic Licentia region is home to many wonder, both natural and manmade! Our little slice of paradise is a sea-bound region, far removed from other regions. But that’s not to say it’s remote- Licentia is home to world’s largest airport which fields flights from all over the world.

Licentia is renowned for its ancient history, especially Morocc, an ancient civilization which spread to all corners of the extremely large region in its heyday, then mysteriously collapsed. The lack of natural apricorn trees in ancient Morocc meant the traditional method of capturing Pokémon never developed, and arcane rituals which bound the beings to a person’s will were developed instead, a practice unique to Morocc, and thus, Licentia.

On the other hand, Licentia is renowned interregionally for its impressive technological strides, from the wondrous flying city of Magnegraviumto the deep-sea research station of Mare Maris, built deep under the waves of the beautiful Tanzaan Ocean, which forms the inland sea of Licentia. Additionally, the Region is home to a number of important sights of scientific interest, such as the Magnetic Ocean, home to huge amounts of naturally magnetic ore, a gathering place of large numbers of Steel-type Pokémon, to the incredible Libertas Isle, a island whose ancient conditions allowed for the formation of an inordinate number of fossils, and whose researchers have the facilities to return these fossils to life intact, to the Hade Tunnel System, a massive cobweb of tunnels snaking its way through the landscape of Licentia, home to huge numbers of Pokémon who make their homes in caves, such as Noibat or Zoobat.

All of this is not, of course, to say that the region is all serious. For amusement, there’s the lovely lake town of Audola, situated atop a large latticework of metal and man-made island in the beautiful Lazuli Lake, where tasteful and tacky hotels both offer rooms under the waves. Then, catch a ride on Licentia’s quaint Ironbound Rails to see the rest of the region from the safety and security of a train. . Or, if sightseeing isn’t your thing, there’s the exciting amusement parks of Boatswain’s Beach. Perhaps you could catch a roller coaster-back view of the town’s beautiful port. (The Licentia Tourism Agency is obligated by the Regional Police to advise against visiting Boatswain’s Beach‘s sister city, Pristine Port. If you do, follow all Regional Police advisories to prevent thievery. Thank you, and please don’t spoil your visit- enjoy the other beautiful cities of Licentia, instead!) Or, if fast-paced action isn’t for you, either, the beautiful and ancient city of Stratford is always welcoming of patrons of the arts. Be it music, dance, paintings, or any other art form, Stratford has it all! Be sure to catch a symphony or theatre performance, or possibly, if you’re lucky, a world-famous Pokémon Contest, at the Cymbeline Auditorium, the most famous auditorium in all of Licentia- possibly even the world!

Licentia also has an unusually diverse Pokémon population, for those Trainers or collectors among us. From the frosty Ice-types of the Niveus Tundra and the beautiful and towering Frostblast Summit, the dry Ground- and Fire-types of the Barathrum Desert, to the beautiful and deadly Poison-type Pokémon of the Marais de Tourmaline, Licentia has any and all Pokémon a Trainer could ask for! If competition is more your style, Licentia has you covered there, too! Compete for any of Licentia’s ten Gym Badges, then challenge the Elite Five! That’s right, where other Leagues content themselves with four Elites, we have five, which means a challenger gets to choose one to avoid!

If you want something off the beaten path, Licentia has you covered there, too! Catch a folk festival at the rustic city of Spestrat, the breadbasket of Licentia, or visit the serene and severe mining town of Valengrad, located in the lower slopes of the majestic Frostblast Summit, home of Snowfall Antiques, a renowned purveyor of both mystical stones and other artifacts and beautiful pieces of dated furniture and art objects. Or, if you prefer the warmth, Frostblast’s rain shadow gives rise to a beautiful jungle, the Timelost Tropic, which is also home to the lovely Colorbid Stream, which cuts its way across western Licentia. While there, follow the Colorbid down south to the thrumming heart of Licentia’s travel, the city of Mobius. Home to the world’s largest airport, with eighty-three terminals that link to far-off places like Hoenn, Kanto, and Unova. This sprawling city is also home to numerous high-rises and shopping malls. The city’s largest shopping district, the Mobius Strip, seems to stretch on an abnormally long distance, but the shopping is top-notch! While resting your feet, perhaps enjoy some of the statues dedicated to the town’s legendary patron, Palkia.

So! Come and see what our beautiful region has to offer! We’re a friendly nation of ancient secrets and new discoveries, a land of fresh opportunities, like none other!

This ad was paid for by the Excelsior Organization for the Licentia Tourism Agency.

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