One of the most highly frequented cities in the region, Mobius is an unruly collection of skyscrapers, department stores, hotels – you name it, it’s there. Mobius is also home to the worlds biggest airport, holding a massive eighty three different terminals. If you’re touching down by plane, this is probably the first place you’ll see!


  • Mobius Strip: Composed of gleaming mirrored plates, the Mobius Strip greatly resembles its namesake, boasting an impossibly large number of shops within its strange, winding architecture. It serves as a hub of commerce in the ever-expanding city, providing access to the widest range of goods that one can find in one location.
  • Victoria Stadium: One of the only breaks in the endless blocks of skyscrapers that make up Mobius, this stadium is the main spot for high-end Pokémon battles. Famous trainers from around the region get invited to battle in this stadium.
  • Hand of the New Age: this fringe group seeks to hasten the adoption of untested technologies, and makes their base in Mobius, though they have an almost equally large outpost in Mare Maris and Magnegraviam.
  • Mobius Interregional Airport: The world’s largest airport at 83 terminals, Mobius Interregional hosts flights from all across the world. A good quarter of its terminals are private, and another quarter are rented out by flight schools as instruction space. Mobius Interregional hosts flights from Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos, as well as places from further afield!
  • Gyms: The popular evening hangout, the Ourorboros Lounge, serves also as the Serpentine Badge’s Gym.
  • Sleeping Sunkern Inn: Less of an attraction and more of a minor feature, the Sleeping Sunkern is a small inn in a less-travelled section of Mobius. Run by a nice old lady


Mobius is a manufactured city built on the western coast of Licentia. The city planners were a mysterious group of followers of Palkia whose layout… Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when mapped out. While the city has grown, streets have clearly moved around, and once an entire district moved across the city around fifty years ago. These days, thankfully, the city- except the Strip- seems to have stabilized into Euclidian patterns.

Mobius is a major city in Licentia, due to its economic importance as a shipping port, both from sea, land, and air, as well as its social importance as a shopping center and its nightlife. It isn’t unusual for the Licentia Pokémon League to hold the semifinals of the League in Victoria Stadium.


  • Mobius Amateur Tournament: The semiannual tournament held in Mobius, open to all Tier One Pokémon Trainers from any region.


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