Serpentine Badge

The Serpentine Badge is an official League badge available in Licentia. Its Gym is located in urban Mobius. Its emphasis is on trickery, debuffs, and outmaneuvering. Also, snake-like Pokémon. Go figure. The Gym pulls double-duty as a jazz lounge in which the Gym Leader is the headlining act.

Accredited Trainers:

Gym Leader: Cassie, the Siren Singer

Cassie is a social chameleon, taking on whatever traits she needs to get what she wants. By day, she works as a scathing music critic, an upstanding Pokémon Gym Leader, and a local celebrity. By night, Cassie runs a noir-themed nightclub that doubles as her gym, a trendy, popular establishment in urban Mobius. During battles, she uses her wit and charm as a weapon as much as her Pokémon, stopping mid-fight to banter with or butter up challengers.

Fighting Style

Cassie’s primary focus in battle is on trickery and deception. She loves to use moves that can confuse the opponent – for example, moves that create multiple copies of a Pokemon or simply attacks that attempt to induce the Confused status effect. She also likes to use sneak attacks wherever possible, using the smokescreens built into her gym to execute these attacks from the shadows with great efficiency if they’re available.

Field Gimmick

Cassie’s gym seems normal enough on first sight, even if it serves double-duty as a nightclub. It appears to be a normal arena colored pitch black, with white outlines designating the field of battle like most Pokemon battling arenas. However, like most gym leaders, Cassie has a gimmick in store as well. However, it’s not likely to come into play until she’s on her toes or trying for an especially cunning gambit. Once per fight, a few small and subtle parts of her field will slide open and start releasing a thick cloud of black smokescreen. While Cassie’s Pokemon are almost always trained to fight through this field condition, her opponents usually are not.


  • Serviper- Cassie’s favored Pokémon is a Seviper which she’s been training for for a long time. One of her trademarks with Seviper is a complex set of commands she has taught it where she verbally commands Seviper to perform one maneuver, and it knows to execute another move entirely. It is extremely likely Cassie will use this Pokemon, so be wary!
  • Ekans/Arbok
  • Snivy/Servine/Serperior
  • Milotic
  • Cottonee/Whimsicott
  • Zorua/Zoroark
  • Sableye
  • Mawile
  • Klefki

Serpentine Badge

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